Salisbury axle backlash

0 V4 and OHC, 2. As mentioned before, the seal is the same as a Jaguar. Aug 25, 2009 · Put a pair of empty rims on the axle, lower each side off the damper, and roll it out - did I mention putting the axle stands in front of the axle, oops now I have Transfer the wheels to the new axle, fit the radius arms wheel it on and locate the bushes in the chassis brackets, lift each side in turn and attach the dampers. 015. Both open and limited-slip variants were produced, both with 28-spline axles. 5mm [1. This can often result in one of the axle tubes filling up with differential oil while running. 66 inches. The pinion gear intermeshes with and turns the ring gear. 75 US pints. Pinion-Ring Gear Backlash: _____ DIFFERENTIAL OPERATION 1 Open the differential cover (top image), or remove the differential carrier (bottom image) to access the differential. Feb 19, 2017 · The backlash or play amounts to about 40 degrees on propshaft flange or about 30 degrees with one rear wheel off the ground with handbrake on. Although the 8. If you need to do a backlash setting and/or bearing preload, loosen the 4 bearing cap bolts and re-torque them to ~1/3 the rated torque. Anti Backlash (anti-clunk) Kit, Tube Axle (Salisbury) Diff, MGB & GT, 1967 - 1980 MGC & GT, 1967 - 1969 MGB GTV8, 1973 - 1976 These parts are sourced from the UK. Backlash is how far the ring gear sits from the pinion gear once installed in the differential. Oct 27, 2016 · The pinion depth specification for your particular pinion bearing will be stamped on the face of the pinion gear. It can also be done way cheaper than a 60 if you plan it out carefully. Ford Ranger Rear Axle: The 2019 Ford Ranger uses the Dana Advantek 220 mm (M220) Salisbury beam axle in the rear: The 220 mm measures out to 8. This was a new trick to me, but apparently it is fairly common among vintage racers. Salisbury (until 1995) and BTR axles (from 1996) are very different. - Staggered shocks, right side shock is located in front of axle tube and the left shock is located behind the Called, ordered, was told my axles would be ready in 2-3 weeks. 24”] Ratio Supported 3. My front axle has a high pinion Nissan H233 diff, ARB, 80/105 series half shafts and Longfield cv's. The input torque is transfered by the differential housing to the satellite gear pins. Allows the wheels to be driven by the driveshaft . Salisbury Ford. The following article is a copy of the original web page created by Mark Knight documenting his Dana 44 ring and pinion install in a Jaguar Salisbury differential. Salisbury axles take 1. 73 is available and relatively cheap. Will try to post a link to my Dropbox where you can watch a video of the excessive play. Also, be sure to check runout (wobble) on the flat face of the ring gear. ELIMINATING REAR AXLE CLUNK The Salisbury, Tubed-type, or "GT" rear axle fitted to all MGB/GTs, virtually all MGBs from 1967, and all MGCs develops a clunk after as little as 50,000 miles. Stuffed bearings usually make a "rumbling sound 3. We combine postage, please ask We carry many parts to rebuild brakes & suspension, and many other parts available, check our own online store or The 190 mm axle measures out to 7. #5. The axle shafts are Aug 13, 2021 · The backlash value engraved on an original Crown-wheel/Pinion set, out of a Salisbury diff, in my experience, is nearly always correct and is always very close, if not smack on, with regards to the witness mark relating to backlash. May 12, 2003 · Yep as Salisbury axles are cheap and available in the UK, Dana 60's aren't. With reference to FIGS. The salisbury axle has a backlash about 5-6 mm when you turn the prop, before the halfshafts turn. Sep 01, 2021 · The focus is on time-saving tricks and advice when assembling and setting up a differential, concentrating on preparation, assembly, setting pinion depth, backlash, and more. would worn axle splines at the diff- be the cause of this. The salisbury axle has to be modified to fit a swb - its great strength is, well, its strength - and if you're fitting a tdi then I can see your reasoning. 5 Method of Reducing Backlash (Zero Backlash Gears) Low backlash or zero-backlash is the performance required for high-precision gear applications. I'll need to ask advice on the process Location: Adelaide. MOPAR: 8. On Mar 11, 2017, Eric Russell in Mebane, North Carolina, USA wrote: "I had a hybrid rear axle in my MGA - banjo center with Salisbury (aka tube type) outer bearings/hubs/axles shafts and brakes. the stock original axles have 250. 93 is used for this differential. It is important that the pinion is properly torqued. While there is a significant clearance between a cam lobe and a cam follower or tappet, the various resistances and reciprocating masses in a valve train prevent the cam followers and the cam lobes from slamming into each other to create the typical tapping noise we all love Aug 26, 2010 · The other option I have is that I could get the local Land Rover man to do it and ask that he changes all the bearings in my axle so I can retain my diff. Mar 10, 2015 · The Dana 60 is very similar to the Salisbury except that the Sals was converted to metric e. Many axle shaft sets are used on more than one axle model. 3. Mar 04, 2010 · A Detroit Lock can be dropped in to the Sals diff at home with no gear resetting and common home tools. Chevy 10-Bolt Models. MGB & GT, 1967 - 1980. The backlash is adjusted by the use of shims on the 230/250/280SL axles. . - Rear Suspension - Salisbury rear axle with multiple leaf springs. So to replace the differential you would effectively need an entire new axle. Also some POST South Africa 1200s were May 22, 2005 · Pre HE cars were fitted with either a 3. Jun 09, 2021 · In 1970, the Salisbury Axle group was renamed the Spicer Axle Division. Should be . « Reply #1 on: October 14, 2008, 21:30:43 ». Do NOT confuse them as they MUST also be treated differently. 75" x 1. Only discs, pads and lines on a 635CSI and front discs/pads 540i. After rust remediation and paint, I'm going to start re-assembling my early Salisbury axle (drum brakes, brake lines, bearings & seals). The first job was to clean it up, which consisted of a good wash, removal of all of the suspension brackets (including the damper and anti-roll bar brackets) and a long session with the angle grinder and drill wire brushes. Acceptable backlash is about . The crown wheel is held in the carrier in a similar manner to the removable carrier type, but shims between the housing and the differential case bearings, allow the pre-load setting and backlash to be adjusted. So I'm going the Salisbury route. In order to meet special needs, precision gears are used more frequently than ever before. Make sure you put the correct oil in it or it won't slip properly. 2 and 3, the rear axle 22 can be a Salisbury axle having a Salisbury carrier assembly 40, a differential 42, an input pinion 44, a pair of axle tube assemblies 46 and a pair of wheel hubs 48. Dan Apr 11, 2009 · Re: diff backlash adjustment. 194 RBI AXLE - Dana 35 DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION Aug 13, 2021 · The backlash value engraved on an original Crown-wheel/Pinion set, out of a Salisbury diff, in my experience, is nearly always correct and is always very close, if not smack on, with regards to the witness mark relating to backlash. 020. Brakes. 005" like it should be! :redface: what I saw, was that the connection between the splines on the axles and spider gears was a little loose and the spider gears had a couple chips in them, but nothing seriously wrong. When the vehicle's driveshaft turns, it rotates the pinion gear. These use a 'Salisbury' type differential, where the gears are embedded into the axle housing. They did use starting in 1961 with the E-type Jag use the Dana 44. Featuring the standard 110 CV joints, the disc brakes measured a hefty 31mm across (a standard coil front vented disc brake measures a paltry 24mm wide). Also Check Out: Dana Spicer Advantek Axles In Your Ranger Feb 18, 2013 · Is the crown wheel and pinion stronger than Salisbury/Dana 60, I don't know, but they are adequate and the axles are as strong (maybe stronger) as Dana 60, 33 spline axles (not as strong as 35 spline, but they are overkill for me. I think I have captured most of the working principle, but there is something I can't get my head around, or at least it seems that I am the only one understanding it this way. 010”] May 28, 2001 · Salisbury axles became standard equipment in thousands of automotive vehicles. and R. Allows the wheels to be driven around a Jaguar Differential Build. 004" and compliant with the spec. It sounds the same as a faulty U-joint without the ringing. B. Girling hydraulic. Carrier bearing preload ± The preload applied to the carrier bearings when installed in the axle housing. May 22, 2005 · Pre HE cars were fitted with either a 3. Oct 20, 2011 · Axles are the same length for both sides. The least dispersalof lateral load is transmitted by the 90 ° ramp. BACK ORDER - We are temporarily out of stock on this item. Dec 30, 2020 · + The carrier housing is a front-loading dropout type, also known as a “banjo” or “pig” style, which is far more mechanic-friendly than the more common Salisbury/Spicer design in which the differential carrier loads into an integral axle housing from the rear. oil usually goes black very quickly when problems occur so as said above, change, check and observe. 54:1 rear gear and a Trac-Lok, so we would be upgrading both the gear ratio to 4. 2. 31 or 3. Front 11 inch disc. But if you want the higher gearing have you considered the discovery/range rover 3. West Coast Differentials stocks a complete line of light duty axle parts for Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dana, Ford, GM, Jeep and Toyota and more! Order before 4PM and most parts ship out the SAME DAY! Oct 04, 2013 · Oct 4, 2013. The workshop manual makes these sound unbelievably scary, but its possible to remove and exchange the diff units fairly easily. 54:1 **THIS MODEL WAS SUPERSEDED BY RD161, CROSSED OUT PARTS NOT AVAILABLE EXPLODED DIAGRAM SPECIFICATIONS Axle Spline 24 tooth, Ø31. 40. The most important tools for this job beside basic hand tools are a grinder and rags. RD161 Land Rover,Salisbury,24 SPL, 3. 5- and 8. 38”] Ring Gear OD 248mm [9. Anti Backlash (anti-clunk) Kit, Tube Axle (Salisbury) Diff. The differential bolts into the housing with two large caps. 28 Litres, 2. The axle shafts are about £100 a pair, I believe these are the CV's (p/n 593838 & 593839) Backlash for the MGB Salisbury Diff'? a-Are there different thicknesses for the distance collars on the Diff' cage to set the backlash? b-Are there different thicknesses for the pinion thrust washer to set the pinion depth? c-What is the pinion bearing preload? d-What do you torque the bearing cap bolts to? May 01, 2004 · This kit allows you to create the perfect case preload and backlash for any Salisbury-style rear axle, like the GM 10- and 12-bolts and the Ford 8. The ring gear transfers the power through the axle shafts to the tires. 008 on 8-1/4 inch axles, increase torque on right adjuster and seat bearings per note until correct backlash is obtained. 006-0. Cover plate at rear Jun 01, 2015 · The GMH small Salisbury is all imperial units. Jaguar Differential Build. MGB GTV8, 1973 - 1976. It is a bit noisy and violent for a westfield i prefer a quaife ATB version, but they do work. Before adjusting the shim thickness, the pinion face marking and if it has a plus (+) figure, subtract that amount in thousands of inch from the shim thickness figure obtained in the previous instruction. - 9/16 inch for the axle retainer bolts (14mm will also fit) - 11/16 for crown wheel bolts. On a Face Hobbed or 2-Cut Gear as backlash decreases, the pattern shifts toward the Root on both drive and coast sides. g. Oct 13, 2008 · Re: Rear Axle Backlash. Differential Carrier Cases Differential Covers Driveshafts Housings, Dropouts & Pinion Supports Individual Bearings Lockers & Spools Manual Transmissions Jun 28, 2021 · 4HA's are normally very quiet if set up properly. 003 to 0. ) according to the axle models they are used on. More research has revealed the Craddocks have got a bunch of 101 parts dirt cheap. XK120-140 Salisbury axle only. Unlike the English axle where the whole differential assembly can be removed from the axle, the Salisbury is one unit and the rotating parts are fitted in from the rear of the axle casing. When adjusting the backlash, a rule of thumb is 10 thousandths of carrier shim adjustment will result in around 7 thou of backlash adjustment. The procedures described within this manual should enable experienced service personnel to strip, repair and re-build Salisbury 5HA series axles fitted to Winget Site Dumpers in a safe and competent manner. Generally a 30 °ramp is the lowest angle used to maximize the lateral load. Normally, backlash (slop) in a used differential is a result of wear. Few Jaguars used the Salisbury/Dana rear end which is almost identical to the Dana 44. The most common issue is the pinion develops too much backlash and this is usually caused by the thrust washers wearing out or breaking up. We combine postage, please ask We carry many parts to rebuild brakes & suspension, and many other parts available, check our own online store or Nov 28, 2010 · Rear Axle. The effects of gear backlash between half axle gears and planetary gears on the vibration of differential are studied. $219. My diff is 169000 miles old thou. If you want a 3. Some were made using the Salisbury/ Dana but very few. The Dana diff can be recognised by absence of a drain plug. 3 V6, Capri 2. 8 and 3. NEW! Mar 27, 2015 · What you can or can't do yourself to a Salisbury axle depends on what is wrong with it. You'll need one of these to fit the larger axles in - I went ARB Dana 60 which in this case is a stronger centre then the Sals. 42 axle ratio. The backlash on my axle at the input was around 4 degrees and I estimated that over a quarter of this was due to crown wheel/pinion backlash and there will be more due to wear in the half shaft splines plus differential sun/planet gears. 005 to . Banjo axles take 2 1/4 Imperial pints, 1. Days go by. Backlash ± The distance between the mating surfaces of the ring and pinion gears. Type 14 calliper. 75" pinion: . I've never done this before. 10:1 and to the Strange S-Trac limited-slip. Dec 02, 2019 · NOTE: Differential backlash is somewhat analogous to valve clearances. Does all Salisbury axles have 24 spline halfshafts? I have found out, that John Craddock have all the parts listed on he´s webpage. This will pre -load the bearings in order to check the pinion Mar 25, 2016 · As with all GM Salisbury rear axle assemblies, the number of bolts, in this case 10, refers to both the ring gear bolt count and the number of bolts retaining the rear cover. In 1970, the Salisbury Axle group was renamed the Spicer Axle Division. Jun 28, 2021 · 4HA's are normally very quiet if set up properly. Autogear Transmissions Limited only supply high quality gaskets and oil seals by established Nov 12, 2016 · The carrier is removed for step #2. With a fair bit of backlash. 41. Jul 19, 2016 · so, they took the rear cover off for me today and the backlash was set right at 0. 0 to 3. Four weeks later, call back, check in, told they're on the way, be patient. That Quote of $1400 sounds very high to me but if that includes a new Crown wheel and pinion and side gears etc than it may be in the ballpark. Is this excessive play / backlash normal ? It appears to be somewhere within the wheel hub. The Salisbury differential, also called ramp differential, may be considered as an open differential with a double clutch pack in parallel which is responsible for the torque transfer. Other B110s used the Hitachi Differential, with a removable "pumpkin" gear center-section. It can handle 250 HP, so you'll be fine, and you can kill two birds with one stone. Within a differential are two gears, a ring gear and a pinion gear. Install differential case assembly with ring gear into axle. 54:1 Ring Gear ID 162. at this point, I'm going to chalk it up as a With a 3. 040" (1G7445) 2 x Thrust Washer, Fibre (ATB7072) MGB & BGT, 1967 - 1980 MGC & CGT, 1967 - 1969 MG BGTV8, 1973 - 1976 Nov 07, 2010 · "Salisbury" has been used to refer both to axles provided by the Salisbury company, and to a particular design of axle, the principal feature being that the bearings supporting the crown wheel and pinion assembly are bolted to the axle housing, meaning that this assembly has to be withdrawn from the rear of the axle housing rather than the front. The MB185350 shim set is to raise or lower the height of the pinion gear if you run out of movement in each direction to center the gear mesh while getting your backlash measurement, while the MB185360 shim set is for adjusting the preload on the bearings for The parts are listed according to axle models and the two wheel end series (L Series or R Series) that are used on 140, 141, 143, 144 and 145 series axles. #3. (8. The Jeep proved so popular that in 1945 Salisbury had to build a new plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Differential & Axle Parts Specialists We have your differential parts in stock ready to ship today. WATCHPOINT: In Salisbury axles, the carrier is integral with the axle housing. Set-up side bearing load and backlash per OEM's service manual. And if it is, the likelihood is that a far simpler and cheaper fix ix simply to fit another one. 127" so you can adjust the position of the differential. When I discovered that Marks original web site was no longer up on the Internet I contacted him and he was happy to provide me with the page content and Mar 05, 2013 · Salisbury front axles were offered in the coil-sprung vehicles starting with the 110 1-ton pu's but were largely saved to be used on armored personnel carriers. In case anyone is thinking, the crown wheel to pinion is perfect. This axle is available with or without an electric locker. Oct 04, 2013 · Oct 4, 2013. DANA SPICER: . The Salisburys have three square plugs (14mm). 15-0. This clunk is evident when starting up, reversing, or changing gears. By adding to cart, and placing an The Salisbury axle on a Defender 110 was used through the Series era until 2002. • The differential case can be adjusted side to side to provide proper backlash and side bearing preload • Some designs use threaded bearing adjusters • Some designs use selective shims and spacers for adjustments Transaxle Final Drive Features • The differential operates basically the same as in a RWD axle Oct 02, 2018 · On removing the prop-shaft, the pinion nut was tight but not over tight, enough to give no backlash and rotate the pinion with 5nm, which is the figure I found in an old manual for a salisbury axle used in a dumper although it is the same axle. Adjusted by moving the ring gear inward or outward fro m the pinion gear by shimming the carrier. With a 3. 4. But everything from less than 3. Jan 07, 2016 · The Salisbury came out in all V8-powered HQ-WB Holdens, HQ-WB one-tonners (six cylinder and V8), and V8-powered VB-VK Commodores, and was optional in non-V8 VB-VHs. At the outbreak of World War II the light, Salisbury's rugged axles proved ideal for the Jeep. 006 inch on 7-1/4 inch axles and . The axles are retained by a set of C-clips on the inner end of the axle shaft inside the carrier. 1:1 (41:10) Crown wheel to pinion backlash 0. I'd recommend installing a torque-biasing Quaife limited-slip differential. 99. 2-Cut Face Hobbed Ring and Pinion Contact Pattern Summary. 25mm [0. 8. Dec 29, 2009 · 110 Salisbury Rear Axle (Part 1) I have started in earnest on the 110 rear axle for the conversion. Jan 11, 2011 · Backlash is adjusted via shims under the pinion head and shims beside the carrier bearingsmore than likely axle slop, a-frame balljoint check backlash by rotating the pinion, should be a faint clunk, which is pinion to crownwheel backlash, then the following 3453turns and imoveable clunk is the rest 38. the preparation of this manual, however neither Winget Limited or Salisbury can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. 93 Salisbury axle Ensure that the height marked 30. Feb 28, 2016 · The salisbury is a good axle and is way more adaptable and durable than most people give it credit. 5 Imperial pints, 0. I guess if they set it up, it should end up with the backlash minimised. It has a reputation of being very strong, but also not very DIY friendly, as the pinion is part of the axle casing and the diff carrier removed by needing to spread the axle casing apart. one third of my backlash will be removed by replacing the thrust washers. Backlash for the MGB Salisbury Diff'? a-Are there different thicknesses for the distance collars on the Diff' cage to set the backlash? b-Are there different thicknesses for the pinion thrust washer to set the pinion depth? c-What is the pinion bearing preload? d-What do you torque the bearing cap bolts to? Note: The Salisbury differential was fitted to all Series I, II and III XJ-6/XJ-12 and XJ-S -- with the exception of some XJ-S (mostly in Europe) that were fitted with the Dana differential. Eaton/GM HO52 or HO72 is what is pictured. Is it noisy and whining too? Axle specialist for repair or but another axle. This will pre -load the bearings in order to check the pinion Mar 19, 2021 · Mar 19, 2021. Oil Change For what oil to use see Lubrication. MGC & GT, 1967 - 1969. Land Rover Differential - Rover, Salisbury, ENV diffs Land Rovers including early series vehicles, Defenders, Range Rovers and Discoverys were produced with a variety of axel differentials. I did take this unit to an axle expert in Burien and had him install the Limited Slip, set the backlash and insure that it was properly assembled. In most cases this will result in a blocked air vent which will cause the differential housing to pressurize and expel oil from We have a New ARB Diff cover - Black cover. These parts are physically interchangeable, but the fiber washers have much shorter wear life, perhaps 80,000 miles before needing to be replaced. 2 designs. I just completed an axle rebuild where I changed out all the bearings and the crush sleeve. 9 Rover V8 you're starting to press the engineering limit on that Original Equipment Salisbury differential mechanism. 56 is the most common by far with a few lower ratios around. To decrease the backlash, move the carrier closer to the pinion centerline. Pinion bearing preload 8 to 12 lb. If backlash does not measure between . Category: Rear Axle And Rear Suspension. Backlash Adjustment. In a Salisbury axle assembly, the gear mesh is adjusted with washers on either side of the differential. The BTR is a noticeably bulkier axle with two plugs, one at the rear and another (the drain) at the bottom. 75”] Ring Gear Bolts 12 bolts on Ø191mm [7. Some Salisbury axles were manufactured with poor oil drainage between the axle tubes and the differential housing. EXPLAIN to your instructor how the differential: 1. Tighten the main bearing cap fasteners to 85 ft-lbs. 38”] Ring Gear Bolts 12 bolts on Ø191mm [7. N. The following table contains the proper specifications for all popular axles. Good morning. 10 is the highest ratio you will find for those axles, but 4. You can probably get through most of the maintenance alone if you have any Series Rover skills. Shims RD20 Land Rover,Salisbury,3. The Limited Slip Differential Salisbury Differential An easy method of tuning the clutch pack, (the percentage of lock), is by changing ramp angles and number of active clutches. Differential unit bolted to axle casing and is withdrawn forward. You’ll find the backlash specification for your ring gear in the documentation with your gear set. To increase the credibility of simulation results , the contact forces between half axle gears and planetary gears were calculated based on the Hertz elasticity impact theory. One at the top, one at the bottom and one at the rear. If the diff is whining it usually indicates a problem with meshing or backlash in the crown wheel and pinion. Salisbury or Dana: Which Diff do I have? Most US-delivered Jaguars use the Salisbury differential, but during the 1984-87 timeframe a number of XJ-S vehicles were built with “Dana” diffs (and the Dana diff seemingly was used in other models in Europe). Step-7: Set Backlash Jul 14, 2019 · Rear axle backlash, or the pinion but you need to remove the diff cover to investigate, mk6 salisbury axle can be adjusted but the dana axle is all shims and for experts only. The Salisbury myth . Anatomy Of A Gear Tooth In order to take full advanatge of the tips and information conveyed in this article we need to get our lingo on the same page. While many believe that the later corporate 10-bolt is as weak as the earlier 8. While everyone agrees that the Land Rover Salisbury Axle assembly is indeed a Dana 60 and the strongest axles that the Rover factory put under series Land Rovers, there have been some myths built up over time regarding the origin of these axle assemblies. To see how setting backlash works check out the accompanying video. Each Dana 60 has a build date and bill of materials numbers stamped into the back of the passenger-side axle tube. A 9-inch has spanners on either side that allow you to adjust the position of the carrier without removing it. The clunk sounds very similar to the clunk you would hear if you had a wire wheel that was not fully tightened - but I have solid wheels which are attached securely. Diff bearing preload 0. 48 inches. Access through your institution. 000 miles there seemes to be excessive backlash between pinion flange and axle. The early hubs do not have outer seals. 54:1 ratio, the diff unit from an early 110 axle will fit as a straight swap Does all Salisbury axles have 24 spline halfshafts? I have found out, that John Craddock have all the parts listed on he´s webpage. High tensile solid nodular iron structure (tougher and harder than solid carbon steel) protects the differential and ring &; pinion set from the obstacle impact hazards of competition rock crawling, or extreme off road trails. When I discovered that Marks original web site was no longer up on the Internet I contacted him and he was happy to provide me with the page content and 2 or 3 axis gearing, ranging from 140 mm to 300 mm 3-point backlash Banjo, Salisbury, or split-case designs Torque to rotate build on bearings Differential gear backlash control 40 MTE (motion transmission error) audit gears Fuel-efficient tapered roller bearings Options Benefits Options Benefits Jul 23, 2021 · You're going to want a stronger rear diff and HD axles to make that D1 rear as strong/stronger than your Salisbury. Thanks Again. E3 86. Hombre, Jun 10, 2021. 54 differential in your existing axles ? We are able to rebuild all Salisbury axles and Salisbury Differentials, including Thornton Powrlok units as fitted to Jaguars and other marques since 1955 and right through to modern Jaguars such as the Jaguar XJ8 and Jaguar XK8. Especially in the UK. LOF makes a set of one piece rear axles that would fit. 13-05-03, 03:41 PM. 000 miles where as the diff has 28. Crown Wheel and Pinion in 5. Backlash is adjusted by moving the carrier left or right with shims or adjuster nuts on the sides of the carrier, and checked with a dial indicator by rocking the ring gear by hand. 55:1 ring and pinion but can be used as a general guide for all differential set ups. We are one of the largest suppliers of British Classic Spare Parts located in Sth East Queensland. A step by step guide to dismembering a Salisbury rear axle from a 109". It is caused by wear on the rack and pinion gears themselves or casting wear where the gears are pinned in the yoke assembly. Rationalised axle Pre -Rationalised axle Salisbury axle Ensure that the height marked is used for this differential. And then towards the Toe on the Drive side and towards the Heel on the Coast side. 12mm vs 1/2" for the CW bolts. . First made in 1970 and was fitted to Cortina 2. 007” for each 0. inch by shim. Modifried-(Rear series Salisbury, 60 Diff, 101spindles w/ series hubs, 35 spline axles on 37" MTR's) Sep 01, 2005 · As far as i remember (having had 2 escort rally cars) English meaning escort banjo axle, but a salisbury LSD is the old original plate type diff made for the escort axle. A removable cover at the rear, gives access to the final drive components. IF it is not in spec adjust the shim pack on the carrier bearings side to side until it is the desired value. Nov 21, 2018 · Our original Strange rear axle assembly came with a 3. Tighten the pinion flange nut slowly until the force required to rotate the pinion is 23 to kgf (20 to 35 Ibf in). The whole job cost about $800. 8-Inch Carrier Shims) Pinion shims are used to establish the pattern of the mesh of the pinion with the ring gear, not the backlash. Only way to check diff bearings is to strip. 25": . We use them on all our restorations. There are two basic types of Salisbury differentials. The shims are on the pinion and on the left axle tube under the bearings. The backlash will generally change about 0. The last major part of the differential unit was the inner axles. In some cases a Salisbury type axle WIII be found to be fitted to Mk. There are 4 of them two on the Sun gears and two on the planet gears. Drive pinion supported by two taper roller bearings. Rover P6 diff's do have a great deal of backlash. The only criteria I'd apply is "is it noisy". Everyone meeting one for the first time assumes it must be wrong, but it isn't. Mar 27, 2015 · What you can or can't do yourself to a Salisbury axle depends on what is wrong with it. &gt; Computer optimized cross brace design adds GM: . HYBRID REAR AXLE For MGA Or Early MGB - RA-303. Anti Backlash (anti-clunk) Kit, Tube Axle (Salisbury) Diff KIT Includes - 1 x Diff gasket (BTB674) 1 x Roll pin (BTB715) 2 x Thrust Washer (copper), Pinion 0. So you will need the following sockets/hand tools: - 1 inch for the pinion nut. 020 Jun 24, 2013 · I have the correct oil in my Salisbury Limited Slip Diff - this has stopped the clicking sound I sometimes heard on very tight mountain roads but it has not stopped the clunk. Pinion depth is controlled by shims. Once the proper pinion depth is set, so that the mesh pattern is With reference to FIGS. 6-inch rear axles are more than capable of handling 400 hp (and with some setups a bit more), the 10-bolt name has a bad reputation due to the inherently weaker 7. 010” that the carrier is moved. The amount of play between the ring and pinion gears is referred to as gear backlash. Easiest way is to mark the nut and count the turns when you remove it. 0mm [6. I opted for a 3. Here, backlash and pinion-depth adjustments are quick and easy, and gear Backlash – Is the free-play between the ring & pinion. 88 Salisbury or Dana LSD. Australian-assembled B110s and B210s used a Borg Warner rear axle assembly. I estimated that approx. Chris. For 1968 and later MGB (and all earlier MGB GT) with tube type (Salisbury) rear axle, the differential side thrust washers were fiber material. Aug 01, 2021 · I can rotate my front wheels both directions quite a bit before the CV and front axle starts turning. 008 to . To increase the backlash, move the carrier away from the pinion centerline. To install your ring and pinion gears and/or differential correctly, it is critical to torque your bolts and set your preload and backlash correctly. ** Note: These gearsets require either differential cage BMC Part # BTB 328 for Hardy-Spicer banjo-type rear axle, found in mass production MGB roadsters 1962-1968, or differential cage BMC Part # BTB 866 for Salisbury tube-type rear axle, found in mass production 1969-1980 MGB Roadsters, 1965-1980 MGB GTs, and 1969 MGCs with Overdrive. 005 inch by shim. 6HSE is not included in this description as it had a lot of unique components. 54:1 EXPLODED DIAGRAM SPECIFICATIONS Axle Spline 24 tooth, Ø31. Immediately before changing the oil take the car for a run of 10 miles or so to warm things up and make it run out better. refer to pattern interpretation. 85 Litre, 2 US pints. they should have very little backlash (4thou approx) but will need rear cover off to measure. Services provided include full axle unit rebuilds or just differentials. #1. Imperial bearings, imperial bolts, roll pins, etc. 8. Ring and Pinion Gear Set Up. 50”] Ring Gear Torque 136Nm [100 ft-lb] Backlash 0. Other than rebuild parts, hardly anything is out there. 875" pinion: . May 25, 2017 · Recently, I have been trying to better understand the LSD principle and especially the Salisbury differential, as it is the type that we have on our Audi R8 LMS's. 003 to . I saw with a sigh of relief that my backlash was 0. The product featured is a high quality aftermarket replacement Ford Capri Atlas Salisbury Axle Differential Pinion Oil Seal Based on the Ford Capri Atlas Salisbury Axle this item fits the following car manufacturer and models: Ford - CAPRI MK1 (1969-1974), MK2 (1974-1977), MK3 (1977-1986). Jan 04, 2012 · Re: Inside a Salisbury Diff - step by step guide. backlash set correctly to the specification and you change the pinion position shim, you may have to readjust the backlash to the correct specification before checking the pattern. bulletin 5717-a 5/02 1 of 3 spicer technology, inc. 2, this is not the case. no noise yet. Spicer ® Tandem Drive Axles Service Manual Single Reduction & Single Reduction with Wheel Differential Lock AXSM-0046 July 2016 DDH/RDH40 DSH/RSH40 DSP/RSP40 DST40(P) DDT41(P) a supplier I found on the Internet for about $400. Hello Gearge, I guess we need a little bit more information. Crown wheel flange With reference to FIGS. 090. How to set differential backlash May 11, 2012 This tech tip will speak specifically to setting up the differential, and specifically the back lash, in a Midget converting to 3. May 01, 2004 · This kit allows you to create the perfect case preload and backlash for any Salisbury-style rear axle, like the GM 10- and 12-bolts and the Ford 8. Nov 22, 2014 · The bearing caps were installed and torqued, and the final backlash measured. FORD: . Jun 01, 2015 · The GMH small Salisbury is all imperial units. 006 inch by shim. Install the carrier and measure the backlash. Oct 02, 2018 · On removing the prop-shaft, the pinion nut was tight but not over tight, enough to give no backlash and rotate the pinion with 5nm, which is the figure I found in an old manual for a salisbury axle used in a dumper although it is the same axle. It can be identified by its 10-bolt rear cover, which appears to be lying on its side. 07 LSD Salisbury diff. 5 and 8. 0. Shim Design: Some differentials use shims between the carrier bearing This accumulated backlash can be converted into rotation in degrees: 6. 035. i. Preferably a six sided impact gun socket if available. 9. These axles deliver power to the external flanges that the rear half axles attach to. Jun 11, 2013. Main Differential and Ring Gear 31 Check the Rotating Resistance of the Differential Assembly 32 Installation “Dry Fit” Installation of the Main Differential Case and Ring Gear Assembly Into the Carrier 34 Adjustment of Pinion Shim Pack and Backlash for Contact Pattern Ring Gear Backlash Gear Set Tooth Contact Patterns 38 Installation Jun 11, 2013 · Offroader. N:V. Dana will still rebuild diffs and can be contacted on 0121 249 2649. shaft to the rear wheels are enclosed in a Salisbury type axle housing (a carrier casting with tubes pressed and are improper backlash, pinion bearing preload, or Mar 08, 2021 · If the backlash is too wide, adjust the carrier toward the pinion. - Differential carrier contains hypoid overhung pinion and ring gear. Mar 07, 2011 · Jan 21, 2014. V cars only and full servicing instructions will be found in the 1946-1948 Service Manual. Set the pinion depth, and then properly install pinion. (Atlas) axle. 50”] Ring Gear Torque 136Nm [100 ft-lb] Sep 02, 2021 · Axles - Front Rear & Blank Axles - Chromoly Axle Assemblies, Complete Axle Parts: Bearings, Seals, Studs, etc. Five weeks, call, check in, told I'll get a call back. Rock the carrier back and forth until little to no free play is evident. The Dana 60 is a Salisbury-type rear-end, meaning the differential carrier removes from the rear of the axle instead of the front. It is important backlash is within spec to allow smooth operation and proper lubrication. #2. Feb 03, 2014 · Salisbury/Statesville. I removed the Salisbury diff pan to check and the backlash in the crown & pinion gear, this is quite small however there's much more slop in the sun/planet gear inside the diff. i'm running a 93 4x4 with a relatively new differential from randys ring and pinion, after 28. I call back again, finally get a guy who tells me the parts are NLA from their vendors, and they can't build my axles after all. « Reply #3 on: April 12, 2009, 01:15:50 ». Weird part … same for both front wheels. Salisbury Hypoid three quarters floating type. Dec 24, 2008 · Read and record a base set of backlash measurements at 90° points on the ring gear. The most common differential leak is from the pinion seal (where the drive shaft connects to the diff). Recognition features of the two axles are as follows:- E. Pinion Mounting Distance (PMD) Adjustment. 099" - 0. Axle Shafts: The axle shafts are grouped in sets (L. When setting backlash, the rule of thumb is 0. 000. HE models came with a 2. Pulling the stock diff is pretty standard: pull the Apr 21, 2007 · Howdy, I'm new here to the forum and I'm already up with a question. If the backlash is also within tolerance, you are done and didn't need to take your rear end apart. Feb 3, 2014. H. I like not having a separate flange to wear and introduce even more backlash. Feb 15, 2013 · I need to know what the backlash for the dana 35 and the pinion perload can someone please tell or whst to find it. 004". Refit everything. There were 3 basic types of diffs used on Land Rovers, the RR 4. The pins are held inside inclined surfaces of the rings. 10 Pre -Rationalised axle 30. Next was replacement Jun 09, 2021 · In 1970, the Salisbury Axle group was renamed the Spicer Axle Division. Various pad materials available. 0 OHC and 2. 003 or less. Jan 12, 2015 · Well, there are about a dozen shims in the set ranging from around 0. Do not fit the oil seal at this stage. 4:1 <£30.

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